Skull Canyon Zipline Eco Tours

160 acres of natural undisturbed mountainous terrain


13540 Temescal Canyon Rd., Corona CA 92883 (951)471-0999

4 Zipline Eco Tours by reservation only

Choose from 4 different zipline courses

Our most popular tour is the Original Course.  The Extreme Course is longer higher and faster and is 200 feet above ground.  The Monster Course is 300 feet above ground.  The Speed Run is included in the Extreme and Monster, it is also sold separately for $40 and is $20 if you add it at the end of the Original Course.  All tours have a 5 minute safari truck ride.  Must wear closed toe shoes.   Check-in is 20 minutes prior to tour time.

$85 ORIGINAL COURSE Weight Requirement 60 lbs to 250 lbs

child on original course

This tour is kid friendly and is our most popular tour.  10 minute hike.  80 feet above ground.   6 ziplines.  Over 2800 feet of cable.  Weight requirement is 60 to 250 lbs.  (Side by side speed run is half price when you add it to this Original Course)

$115 EXTREME COURSE Weight Requirement 100 lbs to 250 lbs

This tour is longer higher and faster than the Original Course.  25 minute hike.  200 feet above ground.  5 ziplines.  Over 6100 feet of cable.  Weight  requirement is 100 lbs to 250 lbs.  Includes side by side zipline.                                                                                                                                                             

$160 MONSTER COURSE Weight Requirement 100 lbs to 250 lbs

55 minute hike.  7 ziplines.  300 feet above ground.  Over 9100 feet of cable.  Weight requirement is 100 lbs to 250 lbs.   Includes side by side zipline.

$40 SPEED RUN (side by side zipline)

Our side by side speed run has a short hike.  1 side by side zipline.  Over 1700 feet of cable.  Must weigh between 80 lbs and 250 lbs.  This tour is sold by itself for $40.  It is included in the Extreme and Monster Course.  It is also half price $20 if you purchase the Original Course and add it at the end of your tour.      

GIFT CERTIFICATES $40, $85, $115 or $160

Gift Certificates can be e-mailed to the recipient or e-mailed to you to print out.  Our Gift Certificates expire after 2 years.

About Us

We are a member of  ACCT Association for Challenge Course Technology and a member of PRCA Professional Ropes Course Association.

We offer several zipline eco courses on 160 acres of natural undisturbed mountainous terrain.  We are located in Corona, California and provide a unique eco-experience.    

Great for tourists and local residents

We receive guests from all over the world.  Our ziplines are not only a thrilling adventure but we provide opportunity to share ecological information and respect for wildlife.  Minimalistic structures have a low impact on wildlife habitats.  The interaction  between guests and the environment encourages an appreciation of the eco system.         

Employement Opportunities

We provide ecological and historical information to residents and guests.  We protect and conserve the ecosystem and use water conservatively.  We respect and protect culture and values while providing employment opportunities to residents in a respectful work environment.  We hire exclusively from the local area, provide all training for our staff which enables men and women to gain employment in the tourism industry.                          

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All Zipline Tours are by RESERVATION ONLY.

Skull Canyon Zipline Eco Tours

13540 Temescal Canyon Rd, Corona, California 92883, United States

(951) 471-0999


We are open everyday by RESERVATION ONLY.  Please click BOOK NOW, pick a zipline course, pick your date then pick a tour time.  Or call us at 951.471.0999 between 8am - 5pm.


CANCELLATION:  Non-Refundable within 24 hours of tour time.

MAX WEIGHT:  250 lbs        

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